How do you know what you know?  Do you look to your mind or heart to feel what is real?  Most of us do not have a psychic on call 24/7 to help us interpret all that unfolds in our lives.  More challenging is the fact that life is always in flux and the only constant in the universe is change.  The good news is that we are all capable of tuning into our intuition and our inner knowing.

So how does one discern head/ ego information from having a gut feeling?  How do we learn to trust that “knowing” we feel, instead of second guessing ourselves?  The key is to tune into the energy of the situation.  How do you feel about it in your heart instead of your head?  Is the situation in flow energetically?  How do you initially feel inside without repeated analysis? Where do you feel the emotion in your body?  Our egos try to protect us.  However, multiple scenarios can arise in our minds, often creating confusion and angst.

Why not retreat to a quiet internal space, to truly explore what you feel…

•   Light a candle, create a ritual.

•   Focus on your breath.

•   Tune into what you hear, see, smell,  and feel in that moment.

•   Ground yourself.

•   Embrace the present moment.

The body truly does not lie, yet we often give far too much attention to those many voices of fear. This is not to say our minds are always wrong, but I encourage you to explore your inner sanctuary, which is a bountiful energetic space of wisdom and knowing.  The answers are inside.  We just need to quiet the mind space enough to receive and trust our intuition

Written by Nancy Regan aka ChiBaby

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