The energy of being stuck, frustrated, and or heavy is the avoidance of new experiences and or actions that move towards more lightness and joy. Fear of the unknown is a force that creates a counter productive momentum to stay falsely grounded in that which is familiar. It is seemingly true that even when that which we experience is highly uncomfortable, we find comfort in the familiarity of it, so we stay. We become stuck and trapped in patterns that feel never ending and hopeless.

Being and allowing yourSELF to remain in the comfort of discomfort is often that which creates stagnation and even malaise within ourself. To release or escape out of this state, one must listen to your inner voice of knowing. This whisper within your heart is the source of your greatest truths. The heart does not lie. We can not grow or expand into greater abundance without exploring that which is not familiar or unknown to us presently. We have to embrace our dreams and believe that they are already unfolding. Taking chances and seeking that outside of our comfort zone is the path to greater, deeper life experiences and service. Keep moving forward in this new year and decade. I encourage you not to look back and over analyze your past. Instead, release what did not serve you, learn from it and create new experiences.

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