Meditation in stillness and motion…

Developing a meditation practice, either in stillness or motion is the next area of Chi Baby expansion.   A group or solo experience,  a meditation practice is another way of self expression, energy shifting, and healing oneself.  Who are you?  What are your main intentions in life?  What are the things that you are doing or avoiding out of fear in life?  The goal of meditation is not so much to still the mind, but more to figure out what you are trying to change, to wake up.  You have more answers than you probably realize, it’s just a matter of learning how to not let the inevitable external chaos not take over your inner world.  A regular meditation practice can be a strong source of inspiration, comfort, and protection from that which is not serving you.  Your inner world  is your sanctuary, and it is always available to you, sometimes one just needs to learn how to access it more readily.

Although most people associate meditation as a solo sitting practice, a moving meditation acts as an essential key to listening to our body’s wisdom and ultimately becoming more aligned and conscious. This work is open to all people of different physical levels because it is about finding your own flow with the support of a group energy.  You create your own dance, both on the floor and in life.

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