This work is not my vocation,
it is my way of life…

Welcome to my website and thanks for your interest. I am a licensed massage therapist (LMT) who specializes in energy based somatic therapies both on land and water. I am passionate about what I do. This work is not my vocation, it is my way of life. I am an explorer and travel afar to find more clarity, diversity, and creativity for my craft. I am a free spirited individual and I encourage people to find their flow in life by allowing their present life to unfold. I believe there is much suffering in constantly seeking perfection. I encourage people to manage change instead of trying to block it, as change is an inevitable part of our human experience. Like everyone, I have experienced trauma and difficulty in my life, but I work hard to embrace it as my teacher and have allowed much good to come from it. I feel humor is a gift to be cherished no matter what. I am a mother, wife, dog lover, Gemini, ecstatic dancer, meditator, spiritual seeker, and a good friend. I am strongly empathic and intuitive.

I work with people on a deep level. That said if you are looking for a deep tissue massage, I am probably not your girl. I absolutely do work with people just needing to relax, but more often I support people dealing with complex emotional and spiritual issues. The work is about releasing stagnant energy and getting unstuck. Energy that does not move well, is most likely not going to feel good. It may manifest as anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness or just not being at peace. Left long enough, stagnant energy could possibly evolve into physical manifestations of pain and dysfunction. I work both on the table, water, and soon with groups. Water is an especially amazing conduit for energy movement. I also work extensively with the psychotherapy community. The combination of talk therapy and somatic bodywork is very powerful. It can really shift people’s emotional states more quickly, especially if they have been stuck and have an open belief system in place to accept this work.

I have studied many different bodywork modalities and currently am studying to be a Living Meditation teacher. I learn as much as I can and then integrate it into my own Chi Baby way, meaning I definitely create my own stuff. I can pretty much guarantee if you work with me, it will be…different. Visionary cranio sacral, Watsu™ aquatic, ecstatic movement and Esalen™ massage are the therapies that have intrigued me the most. I have also done extensive studies in metaphysical sensitivity work. I do this because your body will tell me a story, and the better I can listen, the more I can help you…as the body never lies.

The body is a very credible source of information, much more so than our ego mind in my experience. So whatever your journey has been, your body and energy has been impacted by it. But sometimes the body’s experience has not been acknowledged or validated. If you feel you have unexplained physical pain or mental stress, look to your emotions and your heart space, and the state of your spirit. Difficult past events may present within the body, causing possible triggers that result in distressed emotions and or reactions. My approach is to support you in releasing that which does not serve you, working to be an intuitive conduit of self healing. It is a laying of hands practice, a meditative healing practice…gentle, yet often very deep. My intention is to be of compassionate and non-judgemental support for those seeking wellness of the body, mind and spirit. There is a great potential for positive change if one is open and wanting to facilitate a shift in their energy. Nothing stays the same…a truth I base my work on.

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Board Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist