Chi20 Aquatic Therapy

Nancy is a student of Watsu®, an aquatic therapy that aims to free the body in water.   Watsu® is a form of aquatic bodywork involving floating and moving someone, while following their breath, in warm (thermoneutral) water. This in utero-like experience has been described as an expansive, yet a safe journey which creates a profound sense of feeling free. The session is performed with no underwater submersion of the face, although the ears will be submerged.  Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu® states, “When we have connected our breathing and are floating someone level with our heart, there is a powerful sense of heart connection.  The receiver typically feels a great sense of peace.  The entrainment throughout the body and the resonance between the chakras will occasionally, in a body floating freely, show up as an ecstatic wavelike or vibratory movement which may fulfill another need not always recognized–that of feeling the freedom of our body and its energy, which may have an even deeper need underlying it, that of reconnecting to our Source.”

Being an energy worker, Nancy’s  take on the work is to combine cranio-sacral healing with Watsu® to create a dance that she calls Chi2O.  The work is a profound, yet a nurturing practice in trust and the art of letting go. Water is an amazing conduit for energy, and thus often gifts the receiver with an exquisite sense of peace…even for those with the busiest of minds, or fears of vulnerability.  Nancy offers aquatic sessions in her own heated, salt-water pool in Glen Ellyn,  per her own discretion and weather permitting from May until mid October.

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