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Having been a bodyworker for over a dozen years, Nancy often says that the body tells her a story.  She noticed early on in her career that clients did not even have to say a word about themselves or their life, yet she could often accurately connect with their emotions and situations.  She came to understand that this awareness phenomena was really about her heightened sensitivity to energy.  People, places, objects and  situations always have an energy about them because everything is energy!   Having an awareness and understanding of energy flow (is it moving or stuck) is an important key to changing the energy of the situation.   Often when our energy is stagnant,  we feel conflicted, confused, possibly  in physical pain.  We  tend to look outside of ourselves for the answers, but more often we already have the answers…right inside.  Sometimes we just need a guide to show us the way and teach us to trust our own inner knowing of our heart/soul space as opposed to the ego space of the mind.

Nancy is very empathic and works on a claircognizance or “clear knowing” level.  She has been developing her sensitivity gifts and intuition for many years via metaphysical training, a strong meditation practice, and consistent mentorships with well-known psychic mediums.  Through the years, Nancy’s practice has evolved into being of support to clients seeking out her advice or “feel” regarding all kinds of personal and professional situations.  This is a solidly growing part of her practice and she can confidentially hear your story and often offer her interpretation of the situation which supports her clients in finding clarity, possible courses of resolution, and often a new perspective.  It’s really about being able to feel the flow (or lack of it) of the situation and then providing  feedback in order to have better discernment and a clearer understanding of what is at the core of the issue.  Nancy  consciously works in a space of non-judgment and will not tell you if you are right or wrong.  However,  she will definitely tell you the truth, as she feels it, and will support you in finding a path of less resistance and greater joy.  In her experience, she has found that people know in their heart what the answers are, they just need to get past their fears and ego space of the mind.  Nancy is available both in person and via phone for intuitive guidance sessions.

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