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Craniosacral therapy transfers and directs the universal life force energy to help clear, strengthen and balance your energy field and pathways to initiate the healing process. This exquisitely sensitive, subtle and careful hands-on method of evaluation enhances the function of your craniosacral system, a physiological body system comprise dig membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal cord. Using delicate touch, Nancy uses CST to help your body release restrictions and improve the functioning of central nervous system.

The heart of Nancy’s work is all about energy…running it, sensing it, connecting with it. It is her intention to be your intuitive guide, connecting body, mind, and spirit to create and support an experience of self-healing.

There is a “knowing”, an empathic feeling that Nancy is able to energetically connect to during her work with you. She always says, “The body never lies, and it tells her your story.” The energetic channel is somewhat of a mystery, but is truly the most natural thing in the world, as everything is energy and vibrational.

Laying of hands and the power of compassionate touch, have long graced us and our ancestors as the primary means of healing in the most spiritual of ways. Thought precedes energy. The manifestation of healing can happen more readily with being present and allowing your body’s wisdom to speaks its truth. Healing is truly an inside job, sometimes we just need a humble guide.

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