“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

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Healing is an inside job

The story behind my professional career begins with my passion, and I’m really grateful for that…

ChiBaby® Inc. is the energy based (chi=life force energy) bodywork practice of Nancy Regan, a nationally board certified (NCBTMB) licensed massage therapist. She specializes in intuitive-based somatic therapies, including visionary cranio sacral, which is a form of meditative healing.  She is also an aquatic therapist that works in her own heated, salt-water pool when conditions permit.    A session with Nancy will also include intuitive guidance if requested.  People seek her out for clarity, healing, relationship coaching, career advice and spiritual direction.   Her primary mission is an unwavering dedication to support people experiencing discomfort or change, by helping them shift onto a path of self-healing and transformation.  The work with Nancy is about owning one’s challenges and overcoming them through means of self-empowerment in a space of hope. Real change and growth usually come from a place of discomfort,  pain is a strong motivator.  We often look outside of ourselves for the relief or the fix.  But truly, healing is an inside job. Manifesting your dreams will flow more easily by knowing  and loving your true self.

Inside ChiBaby®

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